International Majlisu Ruiatil Hilaal
২৬ জুমাদাল উখরা শরীফ ১৪৪১ হিজরী

He praises Ershad, the Holy Prophet, “The people of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, and the disbelievers, retaliate. You (Muslims) want to make you disbelievers after they have believed.”

The Holy Hadith Sharif states: “Hadhrat ‘Umar bin Shu’ayb (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrated from his father to his father’s grandfather that Sayyid al-Mursalin, Imam al-Mursalin, Noor Mujasam, Habibullah al-Harabullah The person who resembles a nation other than ours is not ours. Therefore do not be like the Jews and the Nazarene. ”(Tirmizi Sharif, Mishkat Sharif-1 page)

And so what will those who are God-fearing, those who follow Satan, the unbelievers? Every order they have mentioned will make Mubarak his caliphate.
3) Instead of accepting the moon as a determinant during worship, they will find out the rules. Such as various Criteria.
2) The honorable Hajj will change the exact date of the Hajj.
3) The month will start by looking at the computer, not by counting the moon but by looking at the computer.
3) Even though the moon is not visible due to the sky being cloudy, it will start the month even if the false witness has been collected.
3) After seeing the hilarious or curved moon, not counting the months, but following the Jewish example, one will count the months from the new moon.

In reality it is. But no one knows about this. The corrupt US intelligence agency CIA was established on September 7th. And on May 12th, the Jews declared illegal Israel as a state. The Jewish cousin of Saudi Arabia, the Jewish ally, participated directly with the United Nations, a Jewish ally, to establish this Jewish state in their Muslim land. From that time onwards, ie, 4 Hijri (1 Christian), Muslims have been conspiring to destroy their Hajj. The blasphemous conspiracy was initiated by the Saudi Wahhabi Jewish government with the help of the CIA and the illegal Jewish state of Israel. One of the blue designs in the conspiracy to destroy the holy pilgrimage is to change the date of the moon.