International Majlisu Ruiatil Hilaal
২৬ জুমাদাল উখরা শরীফ ১৪৪১ হিজরী

Respected Founder

“Majlisu Ruiatil Hilal” is a moon sighting committee established in the month of Zilhajj,1427 Hijri, by the guideline of Mujaddidu A’aazam, Imamul Aimmah, Muhyus-Sunnah, Kutubul ‘Aalam, Awladur-Rasool, Saiyeeduna, Imam of Rajarbag Shareef Mamduh Hazrat Murshid ‘Qibla Alihis Salam.

Establish Year

Zilhajj 14২৭ Hijri (January 2005 Isayee)

Establish Background

The moon is being created by one of His extraordinary wonders. The moon is associated with Muslims worshiping them.
Therefore, Allah Pak declares in Kalamullah Shareef that “they ask you (Ya Rasul Swall-Allahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam) about the new crescent. Say: they are signs to mark fixed periods of time for mankind and for the pilgrimage”. (Suratul Baqarah, 189).

In Hadis Shareef, Saiyeedul Mursaleen Imamul Mursaleen Khwatamun Nabiyeen, Noor-i-Mujassam, Habibullah Huzur-i-Pak Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam ordered- the beginning of the month (without any optical reinforcement) by watching the moon with empty eyes. (Bukhari Sharif, Muslim Sharif, Mishkat Sharif.)

But we face the chaos of every Hijri month. Some choose to blindly follow Saudi Arabia and others believe in local philosophy. Once again, one day everyone goes up to celebrate Eid around the world.

The honorable Deen Islam is one of their pillar of pilgrimage and the 5th pillar is the Hajj. The Saudi Wahhabi Jewish government has been destroying the Hajj since 1367 Hijri (1948 Isayee) by changing the date of the moon. (Naububilla)

Previous Wrong Method to observe Moon

According to the Holy Hadith Shareef, every month, at the end of the twenty-first day, the moon begins to look at the moon with empty eyes. But many of the so-called Muslim countries, the holy Hadith Sharif, are announcing the date of the moon without following them.

After deep scrutiny it was revealed that the conspiracy behind this conspiracy was the Saudi government of Saudi Arabia. Without following the Holy Hadith Sharif, that is, without trying to see the moon with an empty eye, the Saudi Wahhabi Jewish government has adopted six intriguing methods –

1) The first monogamous method (8-12 Christian): At sunset, the moon would start the month when it was 3 degrees above the horizon. Nayyubilla! But during the sunset, the Arabic month cannot be started only if the moon is at 5 degrees above the horizon. The moon is not just 3 degrees; It may not be visible even if it is at a higher altitude. According to the Shariah law, the moon should be searched and the moon should be seen with empty eyes to start the month.

2) The second monogamous method (1-5 Christian): When the new moon takes place before midnight, the new month starts from the next day. At sunset, the moon would start a new month if the moon was more than 12 hours old. Nayyubilla! However, according to astronomy data, the minimum age of seeing the moon at the end of the 27th day is 5 hours to 24 hours, before which the moon does not appear to be empty-eyed.

3) Third Monogram Method (9/8-20 Christian): After 5 minutes of sunset, the moon starts to start the new month. Nayyubilla! But after sunset, the new moon can also be set, so no new month can begin. And if the new moon also goes down, then the moon cannot come in the shape of an empty eye, so it is not possible to calculate the new month.

4) Fourth Monogram Method (up to 25th Christian-present): If the moon disappears after sunset and new moon takes place before sunset, the new month starts from the next day. Nayyubilla!

Saudi Arabia, the country that looks at the Muslim world, has the authority to compose their calendars, ‘Ummul Qura’. After seeing this Ummah Qur’an moon, the Arabs do not count the month and create their own method and calculate the month accordingly. While this is difficult for many to accept, it is true that the Saudi Saudi Jewish government is losing many months of Muslim practice, including the Holy Hajj, for not counting the months on the exact date. But there is no one to protest.

Formation of the International Majlisu Ruiatil Hilaal

There have been several Masala-Masayal discussions among the respected Islamic Shari’ah about the beginning of the Arabic month after seeing the moon. However, all discussions are about starting the Arabic month by looking at the moon and in the context of how many months it will be acceptable. No complications were found in the moon’s discussion. The reason for this is that the confusion about starting the Arab month by looking at the moon or creating it in a planned way did not originate with the feelings of the previous people.

But later on, the date of the moon was changed one day by the many practices of Muslims such as Holy Hajj, Holy Eid, special days and nights, such as Holy Shabat Sharif, Holy Lailatul Quader Shareef, Holy Leilatur Ragayeb Sharif Sharif Sharif, Shareef Sharif, Sharif Arif. Awal Sharif, etc. can be avoided from the blessings of the great days and nights. That is why the disbelievers and the polytheists along with some of the so-called Muslim hypocritical rulers are spreading that confusion in Muslim countries all over the world. Nayyubilla! But there is no one to protest.

In the fifteenth century, Mujaddid A’zam Dhaka’s Rajarbagh Sharif, his maternal uncle Hazrat Murshid Qibla Alaihis Salaam, unveiled this masked conspiracy and made extensive discussions, writings and writings on the moon, in order to make Muslims of the world aware of them. After this, in the holy Yilhaj Sharif of 120 AH, he founded the International Moon Viewing Committee and named it “Hilal Majlis in the International Ruaiyat”.

Our Goal & Objectives

To highlight the importance of the moon for Muslims and to establish an internationally trusted and reliable moon sighting committee in that regard. The great Almighty Allah declares, “Of course, taking Nassi or Hijri month before or after, enhances disbelief” (Surah Tawba) means that the extreme Kufri and Haram, which are moving forward or backward in the month of Hijri, are currently practiced by many governments, including Saudi Arabia.

So we want ………
1) Reliable moon-watching research majlis
2) Establish the reality behind the moon
3) To raise the science of space in a systematic way before the Muslims
4) To inform the people of the world on the first day of every Islamic month so that they can observe the worship of the month properly.
5) I want to inform you about the true faith of Islam and the true teaching.

Our Activities

In Muslim countries, the month of counting in the monogram rule is excluded from the circumcision method of viewing the moon. In our country, a special group is trying to get confused with the beginning of Arabic month. The international moon sighting committee ‘Majlisu Ruiyatl Hilal’ has been constituted with the purpose of giving the exact date of the month of Arabic for the convenience of the Muslims of the country, taking into account all the issues. The activities of the Hilal Majlis officially began in Ru’iya from the holy Yilhaj Sharif month of 120 AH. The activities of these majlis are widespread at national and international levels.

Here are the activities taken by the Hilal Majlis Collective in Ru’iya:
1. Hilal Majlis in Ru’iya collects reports on the moon in a lawful manner. Binocular and telescopes do not accept moon viewing reports.
2. There are representatives of the Hilal Majlis in Ru’iya in six districts of the country, who are bound by the honorable Shariah.
3. Hilal Majlis in Ru’iya has written and tried to warn the Saudi Wahhabi Jewish government through various writings and e-mails.
4. Being an international committee, reports of foreign members were collected and communication with other international committees was maintained.
5. Holy Ramadan provides general assistance to the Sharif in publishing separate time lists.
6. Conducts day-to-day analysis of various historical events.
7. A number of publications have been published on the moon to make people aware.
8. Various educational institutes have been prepared for the purpose of teaching.
9. A discussion on the moon with authentic images has been organized and will continue to be.
10. Evidence has been presented on the error of the method of calculating the months of the government of different countries.

List of Central Committee members

A B M Ruhul Hassan

+88 01713 456865

Muhammad Zahiruddin

+88 01711 178661

Muhammad Fahim Rasekh

International Coordinator
+88 01713 114191

Mawlana Masumur Rahman

National Coordinator
+88 01713 489902